Research and Development

We are currently working with many international and national companies across a broad spectrum of uses of the technology, including:

Medical surface modification to promote tissue growth and the application of hydroxyapatite coatings, wastewater and frac fluid treatment, acid resistant alloys and alloy coatings on an ultra-high tensile wire for oil and gas well applications, bridge strand and PC strand. The versatility of the technology and potential applications are many and most importantly, the technology is a green, environmentally friendly technology.

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Water can be treated to remove metals and organic contaminants such as benzene and toluene.


EPT can remove metals and bacteria from Fracing Fluid.

Medical Applications

Hydroxyapatite coatings can be deposited at a very fast rate using EPT. FTIR and EDS analysis have confirmed that EPT deposited Hydroxyapatite coatings have the same chemical composition as the existing coatings.

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EPT is an environmentally friendly and GREEN process, which provides alternatives to harsh, environmentally unsafe, injurious acids.

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