The CAP Technologies EPT™ Process can be utilized for cleaning and/or coating metals of any shape and size. The EPT™ Cleaning Process can clean steel to 100% clean with no loss of material. Coating deposited by the EPT™ process do not form inter-metallic layers at the interface as opposed to what is typically seen with hot-dip galvanized. Because of the absence of an inter-metallic layer, EPT™ coatings have superior adhesion qualities. After coating, the product can be bent or drawn with no loss of the coating. CAP has drawn coated wire to a 97% reduction of diameter with no coating loss. CAP EPT™ coatings also exhibit 2-3 times the corrosion protection that hot-dip galvanized overs.

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EPT is an environmentally friendly and GREEN process, which provides alternatives to harsh, environmentally unsafe, injurious acids.

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